Incorporated in 1981 with its head office in Montreal, Matheson Valves has added sales and stocking facilities in Quebec City and Burlington Ontario. We represent only the finest manufacturers in the industry. Our experienced professional sales staff have received factory training from our principals to best prepare them to solve your process problems.
A Leader in the Process Control Industry
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Matheson's versatile product lines, coupled with the company's new technologies, are especially successful with special or severe applications, where users require improved performance, faster communication and highly engineered solutions to difficult services. With superior designs and materials, our control and manual valves are in wide demand for difficult processes such as those with high pressure drops, cavitation, flashing, abrasion, high noise or vibration, extreme temperatures and process/atmospheric corrosion -applications that few valve manufacturers are willing or capable of handling. As process users move toward automating existing equipment and systems, they are seeking higher performance and reliability from there manual valves. For this reason Matheson supplies high-performance actuation systems for manual valves, as well as related positioners, switches and other actuator accessories.
One characteristic unique to all of Matheson's valve and actuation lines is that each line has historically added value to the plant's process systems. For example, feature for feature, our valves and acuation systems offer more benefits to the user than competitor's products. Our products provide lower maintenance costs, wider application, versatile parts interchangeability, longer cycle life and higher performance while being competitively priced with other manufacturer's equipment which offer fewer features.
To foster stronger business relationships with its users, Matheson has entered into a number of successful user/supplier alliances with global and regional users. Although such partnerships vary in scope, most establish special pricing parameters and increased levels of service to the customer while providing higher levels of business for Matheson. Historically, we have demonstrated a willingness to provide a high level of flexibility in such agreements, such as establishing on-site service centers, first priority scheduling for plant shutdowns or turnarounds and joint-development of special technology

Solutions for Specialty Applications
Engineering Value into the Process System
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